Attar Collection, Hayati Edp 100Ml U

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Attar Collection, Hayati Edp 100Ml U

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Hayati by Attar Collection Perfume. Lounge near the pool, pick up your umbrella drink and rejoice in the warmth of the sun on your skin any time you splash on Hayati.

This vibrant women’s fragrance blends fruity, gourmand, floral and powdery notes for an undeniably succulent and feminine aroma that can boost your confidence and satiate your senses.

Top notes of raspberry, pineapple and a large assortment of berries set the tone from the top, creating a sensational olfactory treat that simply screams summer indulgence. Adding to this delectable elixir are middle notes of honey, plum, whipped cream, black currant and an arrangement of florals for an even more luxurious result. Completing the formula are base notes of vanilla, ice cream and white musk, which combine to create a stunningly chic and flirtatious perfume you can wear with any summertime ensemble.


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