Bvlgari, Le Gemme Yasep Edp 100ml M

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Le Gemme Yasep is inspired by Red Jasper from Madagascar, considered a stone of vitality and physical strength, it is revered for its supposed ability to stimulate endurance, willpower and courage. The scent is formulated with a vibrant accord of woody musks, used to add warmth and create a spark of sensuality. These also prolong the dimension of other notes including Sichuan Pepper, Sicilian Mandarin, Sandalwood and Vetiver. This intriguing mix of notes and accords delivers an incandescent and intriguing fragrance to the wearer and those near him.

The masculine flacon is a modern representation of ancient Roman obelisks, or stone pillars, that guided great conquerors throughout their journeys. A brick gemstone-colored cap offsets the interplay of gold and light enhancing the engraved Bvlgari insignia. Wrapped in matte black, the design provokes power and strength. An elegant token of friendship or love for the man in your life, a gift for everyday or any special occasion.

Top Notes: Sichuan Pepper, Sicilian Mandarin
Heart Notes: Sandalwood, Cedar
Base Notes: Woody Musks, Haitian Amyris,Vetiver


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