Byredo, Black Saffron Edp 100ml U

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Saffron is a spice. Saffron is a color. Saffron is a way of life. Black Saffron pays tribute to the many facets of saffron, weaving a spell of a spice symbolic of India.

A vibrant citrus opening belies the deeper heart of the perfume. The aroma of saffron starts to wrap around you like holy robes, earthy and unmistakable. A dewy rose emerges, tickling your nose with a soft sweetness. Then, there it is, the surprise of leather nestled among the woods and vetiver. At once ancient and modern, Black Saffron brings all the traditions of the East alive while winking at you from the seat of a sleek motorcycle.

Black Saffron Fragrance Notes: Pomelo, saffron, juniper berries, black violet, accord cuir, cristal rose, blonde woods, raspberry, vetiver.


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