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Some fragrances have names so well-fitting to their scent the effect feels almost poetic. With cold & warm spices combined with weathered woods, Hermès Voyage d’Hermès truly seems to evoke an enchanting mix of nostalgia and adventure – a voyage into somewhere far, wide, and beautiful

Voyage d’Hermès opens with a clear cardamom note – fresh and sharp, with a soft lemon edge. This is soon followed by pleasant, slightly peppery spices, then the subtle heart notes. Here I get a touch of tea (I’d say a gentle black tea instead of green) and subtle, undefined florals, light and neutral, that could pass unnoticed in the overall picture. Finally, the base is more present than the heart. It centres around a woody note, rich but cool-feeling, with a dry, smoky, leathery edge.

The final effect of Voyage d’Hermès feels completely unissex, slightly mature, with no trace of fluff nor sweetness. It’s deep, yet fresh and crisp, with a sense of transparency that’s characteristic of the style of its perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena. This fragrace doesn’t really feel “old-fashioned”, but it does have a traditional aura, very elegant, but not overly formal – as in, it seems to go with khaki pants and leather accessories rather than fancy black-tie attire.


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