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LA NUIT TRESOR LE PARFUM, A NEW PRECIOUS MOMENT LIKE A VELVET CRUSH La Nuit Trésor’s unique signature is taken to a further level of sensuality and passion with La Nuit Trésor Le Parfum, the collection’s most intense.

The new fragrance is an elixir of absolute rose envelopped with bitter cocoa extracts and blackcurrant notes. La Nuit Trésor Le Parfum is a subtle encounter between the clash of a surprise and the tenderness of a desired love.

Le Parfum becomes women’s most precious accomplice, with whom to delight dearest hours and secrets of the night, as an elixir of absolute rose with embittered cocoa notes.

A new touch of blackcurrant accord lying between green and red fruit scents, adding light and woody notes to rose and cocoa. Our new fragrance comes in a diamond-shaped glass bottle revealing sharp cuts and powerful reflections of light through a purple veil, embraced in a velvet ribbon stiffening an elegant desire.

La Nuit Trésor Le Parfum opens with a mysterious trio of ingredients: The rose damascena elixir opens on an opulent and honeyed top note. Cocoa extracts join in with an almost-gourmest touch proving unusual and attractive, as the strength by the blackcurrant accord conveyed and the patchouli essence closes off the whole with a rich and woody balance.


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