Liqvides Imaginaires, Blanche Bete Edp 100Ml U

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Liqvides Imaginaires, Blanche Bete Edp 100Ml U

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Often represented in medieval tapestries alongside a young woman in a flowery and fragrant garden, I am an imaginary animal, wild and solitary. My immaculate body is that of a fabulous white horse. Wearing a single, twisted poison neutralizing horn on my forehead. My ivory is sought after because it purifies the waters of its magical power. I embody love and mystery. I only appear in the light charged with the dynamic energy of my supernatural strength that only creative minds can perceive. Can you dream hard enough to see me? Because I am the animal that never was.

TOP NOTES: Ambrette Seed, Milk Accord, Mystikal

HEART NOTES: Jasmine Vintage, Tuberose Petals, Mahonial, Incense

BASE NOTES: Tonka, Cacao, Musky Vanilla


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