Maison Crivelli, Patchouli Magnetik Edp 100Ml U

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Maison Crivelli, Patchouli Magnetik Edp 100Ml U

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An Electrifying Take on Patchouli:

Launched in 2022, Patchouli Magnetik Extrait is an eau de parfum by the niche French fragrance house Maison Crivelli. Unlike your typical earthy or hippie-esque patchouli scents, this one takes an unexpected and modern turn, described as an “electrifying” and “bold” reinterpretation of the classic note.

The perfumer, Quentin Bisch, drew inspiration for this fragrance from a rather unique and evocative image: a motorcycle ride through patchouli fields during a tropical storm. This translates to a scent that’s both earthy and woody, with the patchouli’s dark, musky tones given a jolt of energy by a “luminous and milky duo” of gardenia and sandalwood.

Key Notes and Fragrance Family:

Top notes: White peach accord, gardenia accord

Heart notes: ORPUR patchouli essential oil, ORPUR sandalwood essential

Base notes: Vanilla absolute, benzoin absolute, leather accord


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