Maison Margiela, Replica Bubble Bath Edt 100Ml U

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Maison Margiela, Replica Bubble Bath Edt 100Ml U

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The relaxing memory of a me time moment in the bubbles of a hot scented bath. Sweet memories of relaxing moments enjoying a hot bubble bath. Slowly plunge yourself in the warm scented water and feel your body soothed from all tensions. Replica Bubble Bath by Maison Margiela makes you relive the exquisite “me time” of pure wellness. This clean & fresh eau de toilette captures the soothing sensation of a hot bath filled to the brim with fragrant soap bubbles.

This gentle floral fragrance is a bubble of comfort and freshness. The soothing notes of coconut milk blended with the clean freshness of the soap bubble accord recreat the relaxing feeling of a hot foaming bath.

To fully evoke this moment of pure wellness, the Bubble Bath perfume makes you feel the comfort of wrapping yourself in a soft towel. This cocooning sensation is brought by enveloping notes of white musks and delicate floral notes of Rose Superessence


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