Mdci Parfums, Nuit Andalouse Edp 75Ml W

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Mdci Parfums, Nuit Andalouse Edp 75Ml W

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A warm summer’s night in Spain… tender air, cicadas, and a potpurri of different scents, flowers and fruits, surround us… we hear quiet singing and the rhythmic staccato of dancers… nothing disturbs the harmony and brightness of this night… life is beautiful. The magic of southern nights has been capturing humans for a long time – songs were written about them, they have inspired painters and writers, and, over and over again, fragrances. Among all the wonderful olfactoric hommages to the south, Nuit Andalouse is a timless treasure: Not only hesperides and green notes as well as gardenia and sandalwood lead us to Mediterranean worlds, also violets and ylang ylang make this composition round which is carried by a warm basis of vanilla, sandalwood and musk.

Head Notes
Orange, Green Notes, Violet

Heart Notes
Gardenia, Ylang – Ylang, Rose

Base Notes
Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk


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