Prada, La Femme Edp 100Ml W Gift Set

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Prada, La Femme Edp 100Ml W Gift Set

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As an olfactory chimera, La Femme Prada is an invitation to emotion. Straying from fragrance’s more familiar routes, a sultry journey is evoked by its Frangipani wake. This solar note, a hyper-sensual floral, evokes the dewy humidity associated with the faraway flower. The note is interwoven with Ylang-Ylang, its spice made smooth with Beeswax, Vanilla and Tuberose. A distilled Vetiver finishes the fragrance, grounding and rounding its feel.

Top notes: Frangipani, Honey. Heart notes: Tuberose, Ylang ylang. Base notes: Vetiver, Vanilla

Set contains:

La Femme Eau de Parfum, 100ml

La Femme Eau de Parfum roll-on, 10ml

Body lotion, 100ml


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