Tiziana Terenzi, Leo Extrait De Parfum 100Ml U

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Tiziana Terenzi, Leo Extrait De Parfum 100Ml U

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As a major sign of the zodiac of the northern hemisphere, Leo is distinguished by its distinctive form perceived as powerful and elegant. Characteristics that can also be seen in astrological horoscopes influenced by this constellation, and which the Terenzi siblings take up in their fragrance dedicated to Paolo’s zodiac sign and personality! A temperament marked by discipline and passion, impulsive and optimistic, with a tendency to sometimes exuberant qualities, yet loyal, honest and full of confidence – the Leo’s nature is as complex as it is furious. He is said to have leadership and generosity, as well as a sense of aesthetics and a sometimes fatal tendency towards perfectionism, but also great seductiveness. Leo celebrates the characteristic traits of the lion with all its strengths and weaknesses.

The fragrance:
With a fascinatingly elegant opening of an accord of citrus sounds, Leo beguiles the senses. Orange and kumquat, surrounded by bergamot and mandarin, unfold to luminous splendor before losing themselves in the center of the creation. Seductively, Indian jasmine and Bulgarian rose bed down in hypnotic union on sensual violet leaves and delicate magnolia. The mysterious sounds of ambergris and myrrh flank their complex tone. Powerful woods and attractive musk, contrasted by benzoin and sensual soft tonka bean, underline Leo as a fragrance that exudes timeless elegance and unconditional seductiveness. Its sounds take hearts by storm with their natural, delicate and stormy persuasiveness!


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